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Work with me

I'd love to help you create or improve your delivery of high-quality, effective, and meaningful programs for your communities

I'm really lucky to be contacted by people all over the world who are seeking support with creating, refining, and adapting outdoor and Nature-rooted programs. Everyone is different, so I've designed a variety of ways to help those who are just getting started, as well as experienced practitioners who want to deepen their practice.

Some resources are self-guided (and free!) meaning you can get going right away. And I also offer more personalized support in the form of consultancy and mentorship. This usually starts with a free 30 min video or phone call to get to know you and your needs.

Email me at forestschooled@gmail.com, click here to schedule your free 30 minute consultation, or scroll down to find out more about the different ways we could work together!

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Mentorship Packages

Many people feel isolated and discouraged when it comes to creating and providing Nature programs, and some of us are even required to start our own businesses to do so. I've done it myself, know how it feels, and have spent years learning and developing unique tools and methods to do this work. My aim is to always respect the qualities and cultures of the places we live rather than importing approaches from abroad that can perpetuate a colonial mindset.


That's why I offer comprehensive mentorship packages for people who want to start up, re-design, or expand a forest school or other Nature-rooted outdoor programs or businesses anywhere in the world.

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"I feel that every step of Caylin's consultancy process was extremely valuable and exactly what I needed. From the initial consultation, to the co-created plan of action, to what she put together with me by the end – I felt heard, respected, guided, supported, uplifted and motivated. She's the partner I long for in this business! And it was helpful that she was willing to negotiate a payment plan, considering the fact that she was helping me write to government officials about a lack of financial support!"

Monica Miller, Ontario CA

Kingston Forest and Nature School



Talks & Workshops

I provide talks, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics related to Nature-rooted learning. I approach my work with adults much like I approach my work with children: it's learner-led! What are your needs and interests? What could you use help with? Get in touch and we'll work together to figure out how I can best support you.

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If you need a "springboard" (or a starting place), here are some topics you could choose from:


  • Program proposals and advocacy – getting people on board & building alliances. Creating partnerships with schools or organizations​

  • Frameworks for supporting risky play, place-based, play-based, and emergent planning​​

  • Working with distressed behaviour outdoors

  • Ecological relationships and impact assessments​

  • Documentation, evaluation design, and reporting to communicate impacts and value. Parent/Caregiver communication.

  • Business planning and design that aligns with a Nature-rooted approach

  • Working towards accessible and inclusive programs. Facing colonization in our work with the Land & building our understanding of Indigenous Perspectives

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"From the start you made us feel special and welcome.

We were all part of the discussion and you brought us back well when we got off task. Thank you so much for the resources and all the support ."

"Really informative and thought provoking. Lovely facilitator who made me think more about my storytelling and being inclusive."

Workshop Participants,

(Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling)

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Online Learning

Join online workshops, courses,  professional learning communities, and access learning resources that help us all work towards becoming Nature-rooted.

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"I've been really enjoying the three reflection packs I downloaded. I love how you explore the tensions that come up in forest school, like structure vs. letting the children be totally in charge, our impact on nature vs. letting kids interact, etc.  It has been so helpful in guiding my own responses to those moments, thank you for the gift of your words!"


(Reflection Packs)

Join My Inner Circle

Join our Virtual Community Fire! I consider members in the Virtual Community Fire like tree rings closest to my core. I share everything I offer with members before I share it anywhere else. That means you will be the first to know about any new blogs, resources, courses, and more.


I send members a weekly email called "Fireside Fridays" that sums up everything shared in the previous week plus a bonus...

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"Caylin's mentoring and consultation was invaluable to us in the process of designing and opening our outdoor program for young children. Her depth of knowledge and experience is reflected in her thorough library of authored and gathered resources, which include a multitude of articles, posts, and documents covering both practical and philosophical considerations.

This breadth of work is matched by her evident passion for nature programs and sincere desire to help others carry out this truly meaningful work. Her calm, supportive demeanor invited our true expression of questions, concerns, and thoughts; everything we discussed felt valued and she always had relevant advice or information to share during each consultation. Caylin always responds in a timely manner, and is incredibly easy to communicate with. We feel grateful for our connection to Caylin, and her openness in remaining a resource to us as we continue our journey."

Amanda & Joe, California USA

Roots to Branches