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There's lots of ways we can work together! I'd love to help you create or improve your delivery of high-quality, effective, and meaningful programs for your communities. I'm here to help those just getting started in outdoor and nature-based programs, as well as experienced practitioners who want to deepen their practice.

Due to current circumstances with COVID-19 I will be very flexible with my rates to make sure that you are getting the support you need at this time! I can also make much of what I usually offer in person available online. Please reach out and we can figure out how we can make this best work for you. Sending well wishes to you all from here!

I approach my work with adults much like I approach my work with children: it's learner-led! What are your needs and interests? What could you use help with? Get in touch and we'll work together to figure out how I can best support you. If you need a "springboard" (or a starting place), here are some topics you could choose from:


  • Program design and development – creating something that works with AND for your community

  • Program proposals and advocacy – getting people on board & building alliances

  • Creating partnerships with schools or organizations

  • Parent/Caregiver communication

  • Frameworks for supporting risky play

  • Facilitating learning through play (for all ages)

  • Frameworks for place-based and emergent planning

  • Navigating challenging behaviour outdoors

  • Ecological relationships and impact assessments

  • Documentation to meet curriculum standards or funding requirements

  • Evaluation design and reporting to communicate impacts and value

  • Connecting with or creating local networks for support

  • Working towards accessible and inclusive programs

  • Business planning and design that aligns with a Forest School ethos

  • Facing colonization in our work with the Land & building our understanding of Indigenous Perspectives

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Personalized support for individuals and small groups 

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Keynotes, webinar presentations, and workshops for conferences or other events

Talks, Workshops & Webinars

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Find out more about my past projects to get an idea of how I could support you too!

Previous Work

Personalized Support for Individuals and Small Groups

Let's start with an email, phone, or video conversation. I offer a free 30 minute initial phone or video call to get to know you and your needs.


Together, we can identify priorities and make a plan.

My support could look like:

  • Regular phone or video calls together to discuss ideas and problem solve.

  • Assisting you in creating and refining resources for your programs (e.g. generating program proposals, presentations for community members, program evaluation plans).

  • Personalized learning for individuals or teams - I'll design learning experiences to guide you through a particular topic of interest!

Want to schedule your free 30 minute phone or video call? Just click the button below to contact me. I'm really excited to hear more about you, your work, and how I might be able to help you!


Talks, Workshops, & Webinars

I love designing talks, workshops, and webinars that fit specific contexts and needs. (Check out my EVENTS page to see what public events I've been involved with).

Are you planning an event for your community? I'd be happy to deliver a personalized keynote talk, workshop, or online webinar for you!

These are some topics I've offered before:

  • Learning through a Forest School Approach

  • Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling

  • Reframing the Meaning of Community in Changing Times

  • Learning Naturally: Putting Theories of Outdoor Learning into Practice

  • Children can Play Anywhere: Creating Inclusive Community Spaces through Outdoor Play

  • Bringing Forest and Nature School Pedagogy to the City

  • Exploring Ecological Relationships in Nature-based Programs

  • Playing to Learn: How Play Facilitates our Connection to the Natural World

Want to schedule a talk, workshop, or webinar? Just click the button below to contact me. I'm really excited to hear more about you, your work, and how I might be able to help you!


Previous Work

Here are some samples of programs I've previously developed, in partnership with public schools. I have also designed programs for non-profits and small outdoor learning businesses. I love the creative process of designing a program to meet community needs just as much as being outdoors delivering programs! 

Need help designing a program? I can help you virtually (through email, phone or video calls - see above section on Personalized Support for Individuals and Small Groups) or in person if you're within a 200km radius from Ottawa, Ontario CA. Just click the button below to contact me. I'm really excited to hear more about you, your work, and how I might be able to help you!



“Having the program consultants enhanced the experience for both the teachers and students. Having the opportunity to sit back and observe… without any pressure to perform/co-lead until I felt comfortable in the situation was one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had as a teacher.


Allowing for more student risk-taking than I had been comfortable in the past is a direct result of having the opportunity to watch as [they] guided children in their risks. Having [their] language in my toolbox will be a gift that goes on and on. Additionally, all of the work that [the environmental educators] both put into developing the Forest Handbook set the groundwork for this experience to get off the ground in our public school setting. On our own we would NEVER have had the time or background knowledge to put together the handbook, which was a necessary tool in establishing the program.”

- Public School Kindergarten Teacher in New Hampshire, USA