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Downloadable guides, posters, handouts and worksheets that help with planning or to explain topics related to Forest School


Pages from Facing Colonization in our Wo

Facing Colonization in our Work with the Land & Building our Understanding of Indigenous Perspectives

Since moving back to the US in 2017 and continuing to pursue work with Forest School, an approach that promotes and facilitates a deep connection with the land, it has become essential for me to start to "unpack" how colonization has affected, oppressed, and silenced Indigenous peoples for centuries. It feels unethical to me, personally, to not address this, as these past and present stories are entrenched with the land. To help facilitate a deep connection between myself, my learners, and the land I feel I must make space for these stories to be told. The question is, "How?" A close friend and I have been asking ourselves this very question for a while now, and we have recorded our experiences as we have been learning and trying to take action steps. The result has been the creation of this document. We have decided to share it more widely, not as a template or guide for others to follow, but in the hopes it may inspire others to do this work for themselves and their communities too. Please note it is a "living" document in the sense that it will need continual revision as we keep learning more. 

A History of the UK & US Forest School Movement

Over the past several months, I've been researching and writing a literature review that takes a historical perspective on how the Forest School movement emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States (focus is limited to the UK and the US since those are places I've lived... so apologies to those who don't live in those countries!).


The result is a document I've titled A History of the UK & US Forest School Movement, with an emphasis on the "A" - this is because I want to acknowledge that histories are portrayed in different ways depending on who's telling the story. So I'd like to share with you the culmination of my research as one version of the story of the Forest School movement in the UK and US. I found it fascinating to research and write and hope you find it interesting to read!

Download the free PDF below!

A Practical Guide for Forest School Leaders (or anyone really) to facilitating reflection in the outdoors

Reflection is an essential part of the learning process, but can be challenging to facilitate. This guide gives concise and practical advice for facilitating reflection in an outdoor setting that's suitable for learner-led educational approaches like Forest School. It's a good introduction for those who are new to the topic and wonder where to start, but it's also useful for experienced folk who wish to take a fresh look at their practice. Written by a Forest School Leader with a passion for learning along with contributions from a variety of people in the field, this guide is sure to light a fire (possibly even literally) and inspire you to find creative ways to encourage reflection in those you work with. Kindling and fire strikers not included...

Download the free PDF or purchase a printed copy that includes an extra 7 DAY REFLECTION CHALLENGE to make your learning more hands on.

More Downloads:

Four short stories written by Forest Schooled. I hope by sharing these stories through this, they might come in handy for someone else. Feel free to tweak and change (and improve) them to suit your group and context if you wish. See full blog post that goes with this resource

A planning form that is a mismatch of something a former colleague of mine used and other planning forms I've seen elsewhere. I've also added my own tweaks to tailor it to something that works really well for me. It includes both planning & post-session evaluation elements in it. You can download the template below and feel free to use it as is or use parts of it if you want to tweak it to make something of your own too! See full blog post that goes with this resource

Outlines some of the research that backs up the Forest School approach, Gives a brief description of what a Forest School program entails, Lists some of the details that need to be negotiated in the planning stages (like age groups, numbers/ratios, policies, insurance, resources, etc.), and is only 3 pages long (including references) and is designed to provide succinct information in order to gather initial support for a Forest School program from members of a school board, teachers, parents or whoever else you think would benefit! See full blog post that goes with this resource

Reflection 'planning' tool

A tool you can use to plan for reflection that helps you think about a variety of important factors beforehand. Please take the interpretation of the word 'plan' loosely though. The nature of this work means nothing really ever goes 'according to plan'. The aim is that it helps us think things through, rather than acting as plan to be strictly followed. See A Practical Guide for Forest School Leaders (or anyone, really!) to Facilitating Reflection in the Outdoors for more information about facilitating reflection.

Part 1 - Drawing of a Forest School scene with characters or objects associated with each of the 16 play types identified by Bob Hughes. They are also numbered which corresponds to this worksheet that has written descriptions of the play types if you want more information about each one. See full blog post that goes with this resource

Play Types at Forest School Part 2 (descriptions)

Part 2 Written descriptions of the 16 play types identified by Bob Hughes. They are numbered which corresponds to this drawing of a Forest School scene with characters or objects associated with each one.

See full blog post that goes with this resource

A3 size poster with a selection of quotes from people who shared their favourite "Forest School moment"

See full blog post that goes with this resource

A worksheet for children to fill out to help them learn to assess risk for themselves.

See full blog post that goes with this resource

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