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Craft 'How Tos'

Instructions for how to make crafts that are suitable for Forest School

How to make a hammock

This is such a great way to practce some simple knots and end up with something incredibly rewarding and useful tool! Here's how to make a hammock with just some stcks and string :) 

How to make an elder wand

For those interested in bringing a little magic to your life, here's a little 'how to' for making wands with elder. Hope you find it useful! 

How to make a willow star

Here's a little guide to getting crafty with willow. It's a great one for the holiday season since you can use them as ornaments! 

How to make a twig heart

Here's a simple craft idea to let the love flow. It's a fitting one for Valentine's Day, but there's no restrictions here. Twig hearts are delightful anytime of the year!

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