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Tracks are not just physical entities left behind on the ground. We also leave 'tracks' on each other as we build relationships and memories. The more thoughtful we are about where we leave our tracks, the more positive our connections with others and the natural world can be.


Three passionate educators, Caylin Gans, Landere Naisbitt, and Emily Champigny, started Tracks in January 2018 with the mission to deliver programming for children and young people. We partnered with local nonprofits and public schools to create weekend, after-school, and school-based programs for 5 to 13 year olds. The work has since evolved from direct program delivery, to consultancy and mentorship for teachers to build the skills and capacity to deliver programs themselves, to designing resources, workshops, and webinars for adults to inspire and enable others to do this work too.


When Tracks first started we were graduate students in Environmental Education at Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire, USA. Since graduating in 2019 our passions have led us to new opportunities and places. Despite physical distance from each other and the move away from direct on the ground programming for children (at least for now), we are continuing to collaborate on various projects including resource development, workshops, and courses for adults interested in Forest School. So the momentum started by Tracks is continuing and evolving.


This website is a space to find out more about our past and current projects, access information and resources, and hopefully feel inspired to learn more about a Forest School approach (just like we do every day!). We hope you enjoy exploring, learning, and most of all playing alongside us as we work towards building strong connections with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.


Please get in touch if you want to learn more about our work and to discuss any interests in collaboration! You can also view our Facebook page for more information about our projects and programs.

Meet The Tracks Team

Caylin Gans

Caylin Gans has a passion for nature-based, experiential, and holistic approaches to education and 10 years of experience working with people of all ages in a variety of outdoor settings, including national parks, nature centers, educational farms, and city parks. Caylin spent 4 years living in the UK from 2013 to 2017 where she trained and worked as a Forest School Leader, delivering programs for toddlers, elementary, and middle school-aged children, including those with learning differences. Caylin has an MS in Environmental Education from Antioch University New England and is currently living in Ottawa, Canada. She's happiest being outdoors and has an unusual love of rainy weather!

Landere Naisbitt

Landere Naisbitt grew up roaming the woods, fields, and waters of coastal Maine which inspired a love for the land that she is passionate about sharing with others. For the past 10 years Landere has worked in the field of education in various capacities: public school, Waldorf and homeschooling programs, and outdoor learning including, farm-based education, summit stewarding, and forest school. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maine and a masters in Environmental Studies and Education from Antioch University, New England. She is currently employed by Blue Hill heritage Trust as their Outreach Coordinator. Plants, poetry, and jellyfish are three of her favorite things.

Emily Champigny

Emily Champigny is passionate about connecting people to the natural world around them. She grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts, spending most of her time outside with family and friends. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Education. Emily has experience working with people of all ages in various settings including state parks, schools, mountain summits, summer camps, and nature based programs. You can almost always find her hiking, swimming, gardening, or eating pizza. She currently lives in Springfield, MA with her dog Rocky.

Projects & Resources

Find out more about past projects and resources created and delivered through Tracks

Kindergarten Forest Days is a program in which public school kindergarten teachers in Keene, New Hampshire take their classes outside into the school grounds and an adjacent city park for unstructured play time at least one morning per week (approximately 1.5 hrs), in all seasons, throughout the school year. Environmental educators contributed to the project from January to May 2019. This video highlights our experiences playing and learning with the forest!

Public School Forest Days

The Westmoreland after school program was based on a Forest School approach which aims to benefit participants' wellbeing, social connections, and environmental awareness through a play-based, place-based, and learner-led program design. It took place once a week for 2.5 hours after school and involved a total of 23 participants (ages 5 to 13), 3 educators, and 3 volunteers between March 2018 and June 2019.

Westmoreland After School Program

Facing Colonization in our Work with the Land & Building our Understanding of Indigenous Perspectives

Pages from Facing Colonization in our Wo
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Poison Ivy Identification Guide

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Forest School Winter Stories

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Inclusive Storytelling Checklist for Educators and Parents

Pages from Inclusive Storytelling Checkl
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The 2-minute Tarp Instructions

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Porcupine Bread Recipe & Instructions

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