My Friends & Collaborators

I'm excited to introduce to some of my friends and colleagues who are also working

hard to promote wellbeing, connect people to the natural world and their communities, and more!

Molly McConnell - Cultivate Balance

Molly's joint Ayurveda practice, Cultivate Balance provides personal wellness consultations, goodness guides, and virtual courses that support you to nurture yourself so you can nurture the world.


Molly has generously made Forest Schooled an affiliate!

Danny English - We Be Kids

Danny is founder of We Be Kids which aims to provide inspiration,  ideas and guidance for anybody who works with children and  families or people who have families of their own,  to provide a boost to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.

Libby Piper - Honeysuckle Hugs

Libby is an Earth-Based Educator and Playful Movement Enthusiast with a background in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Behavioural Therapy.

She creates playful learning experiences inspired by her training in yoga and outdoor education.

Chelsea Gans - Chelsea's Book Nook

Chelsea is Caylin's Sister! She's also a literacy advocate who works to inspire and empower families to be creative, excited, and spend time together with books. 

Seth Kipavare

Seth and Caylin met while delivering a program that brought outdoor, unstructured, play opportunities to children in their local community parks. They continue to collaborate on projects together, including supporting people in developing programs in urban spaces. Seth has a talent for storytelling and inspiring imaginative play.

Landere Naisbitt - Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Landere has spent the past 10 years working in the field of outdoor education in various capacities. She is currently employed by Blue Hill heritage Trust as their Outreach Coordinator. Landere was also a critical partner in helping Caylin to develop TRACKS

Chris Holland - Nature Connection

Chris is a storyteller, nature connection facilitator and didgeridoo player. He helps develop connection to nature – your own and to the earth we live on – so that we can serve humanity and nature for our greater good.

Chris has generously made Forest Schooled an affiliate!

Marina Robb - The Outdoor Teacher

Marina is a leading author, green practitioner and educator in the outdoor sector, an international trainer in the design and delivery of nature-based experiences and an advocate for the integration of environmental, education and health and wellbeing services.

Marina has generously made Forest Schooled an affiliate!

Rachel Larimore - Samara Early Learning

Rachel is an educator, speaker, consultant, and author. Her passion and expertise is intentional integration of nature into early childhood education for young children’s whole development.