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Starting a Forest School program from scratch: Part 2

Caylin (Forest Schooled)
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Preface: I've called the first post in this series "Part 1", but a friend reminded me that there is so much more that comes before this part of starting a Forest School program. The Forest School training I completed a couple of years ago and the ongoing research, discussion, and reflection around the Forest School ethos I've done since then has really been my "Part 1." This was and continues to be the crucial part that helps me appreciate the deep meaning and purpose within Forest School pedagogy (please read Forest School as a mindset... as well as a set of activities for more about this). This series, Starting a Forest School Program from Scratch, is not intended to be a guide or short cut for others to follow, because there is no such thing. My intention is rather to continue sharing my own journey in the hopes that it might resonate with and support others on their Forest School journeys too.
With love,
Forest Schooled
Okay, finally made it to the second instalment of Starting a Forest School program from scratch! (If you missed Part 1, you can find that here). I'm making headway on getting something going and I'm really excited. It will start off small with a 6 week pilot program, but the hope is that I can build from there. I've now got a local organization on board who is willing to partner with me and I'm lucky that a pilot program will be covered under their insurance (one less hurdle to deal with, at least for now!).

There's still so much to do, but with the first session hopefully starting in about a month, I'm now looking to get together some equipment. I've not got much in the way of financial resources to purchase loads of equipment, so I'm putting together a list of essentials (plus a few extra wishlist items) that would get me going. Check it out and let me know what you'd add (or remove?) from my list in the comments below!
Now onto Risk-Benefit Assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments, and Policies & Procedures....

Woo! Let's do this ;)

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