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Meet my Sister!

Caylin (Forest Schooled)
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I'm excited to introduce you all to my sister. Her name is Chelsea and during our family video call catch-ups over the weeks, it dawned on us that there's some decent overlap in our work... so we thought we'd make a video together discussing some of the things we've been talking about so we can share it with all of you too.

Some video highlights include:
  • a glimpse into our lives growing up in Hawaii!
  • why we both love nature and the outdoors and what role it plays in our lives today
  • the power of stories and storytelling in celebrating diversity and creating inclusive communities
  • more information about some children's books you may like to add to your collection!

Update in 2021:
Chelsea has moved on to other projects and is no longer selling books, but you can get in touch with Chelsea here: Instagram:
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Looking for more resources on inclusive storytelling? Download this free PDF - Inclusive Storytelling Checklist for Parents & Educators.
You can also check out this workshop recording on Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling with Forest Schooled.

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