Introduction to Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling

This is a pre-recorded introduction to Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling that's been taken from a 1.5 hour online interactive workshop. It includes access to some of the resources referenced during the workshop.


Caylin is passionate about incorporating storytelling into her programs and enjoys telling/creating stories that are rooted in the places and communities within which she works to make them rich and meaningful for her learners. She's been working hard to co-develop resources with other storytelling practitioners around what it means to be place-based and inclusive in our outdoor programs and has found storytelling to be a powerful and potent tool to celebrate diversity as well as help learners gain a sense of place. This pre-recorded video introduces some of the ways we can weave our own communities and experiences into the stories we share.

What do I mean by Place-based and Inclusive Storytelling?

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What people are saying...

"From the start you made us feel special and welcome. We were all part of the discussion and you brought us back well when we got off task. Thank you so much for the resources and all the support ."
Workshop Participant
"Really informative and thought provoking. Lovely facilitator who made me think more about my storytelling and being inclusive."
Workshop Participant
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