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Play is what makes us human!

Caylin (Forest Schooled)
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This is a recorded chat with my sister Chelsea where we reflect on the role of outdoor play in our lives as children growing up in Hawaii, and how that nurtured our relationships to the natural world and each other. And also how our experiences differ from many children now, and ways we’re working to foster these relationships for children in a “modern” world.

I bet if everyone who reads this post left a comment describing one of the ways they loved to play as a child (or adult!), there would be a lot of similar answers... Why?


I’ve been really lucky to have had the chance to live in lots of different places, climates, and countries. And along with all the incredible differences in language, culture, appearances, and customs one thing that always reminds me that we are all ultimately human is... the way we play.
Isn’t it interesting how 5 year olds in the tropics growing up a couple decades ago loved making "mud soup" from leaves and soil JUST LIKE five year olds today living in a cold northern climate?

My sister, Chelsea, and I are went live on Instagram for a fun little chat about the outdoor play experiences we remember from our childhood growing up in Hawaii, how that nurtured our relationships to the natural world and each other, and the similarities/differences many children experience today.

And for more ideas on simple ways to find connection, check out this blog post.
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