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I'm looking to grow my roots! And by roots I mean co-creators for Forest Schooled

Caylin (Forest Schooled)
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I’m looking to grow my roots! And by roots I mean co-creators for Forest Schooled. By accident (or intuition?) I have built a platform with Forest Schooled that helps inspire, encourage, and enable others to bring their communities outdoors, and in closer relationship with the natural world. What a joy and a privilege.
While Forest Schooled started as my hobby it has now become my business, and I’m on a mission to make business symbiotic with keeping the Land and communities at the heart of what I do. And while I’ve had lots of support from many people behind the scenes in getting my work “out there,” (thank you to all who’ve helped along the way!!) I’m now reaching out to my wider community (that’s you btw 😉) to see if there are others with aligned visions who wish to support Forest Schooled in their own way through a work trade.

These are areas I’m looking for help with:

🌿 Writing blog posts, recording podcasts, creating videos, or artwork that share real-world experiences of working to connect people to the natural world, linked to research articles, books, or other sources of knowledge and wisdom. These would be posted to the Forest Schooled Blog, Podcast, and/or YouTube Channel.

🌿 Social Media gurus to create helpful, inspiring, authentic content to support others who also care about this work. Having “Marketing” experience (or what I call skills for “Building Relationships & Communication”) would be a plus!
🌿 Support with facilitating online courses, including working through technical snags, assisting with recordings, and uploading materials.
🌿 Helping to nurture the Virtual Community Fire, a networking platform I’ve intentionally located away from mainstream social media, to enable those in the Forest Schooled community to connect with one another and access learning resources. This would involve posting reflective questions, interesting articles, and writing friendly replies to community member’s comments and posts.

This would generally involve around .5 - 3 hours of your time per week, depending on the time of year and what courses are being offered. In exchange for your valuable time, you will get free access to all my courses and resources, including future live events.

I am also open to chatting more about how my platform might be able to support your dreams - are you wanting to offer an online course? Share resources? Plan events? Or something else? We can talk more about what’s possible!

Note: you do not need to be qualified in Forest School! Just have knowledge and experience in Nature-based learning and/or therapeutic approaches. People of ALL backgrounds are welcome for this position, and in everything I offer. Diversity and representation matter. You matter. Always.

If you're not already familiar with what I do, I encourage you to look at my website and blog I'm looking for others who are also deeply commitment to social and environmental justice, and are willing to listen to multiple perspectives even when it may feel uncomfortable.

If this feels like something you’d be interested in, you have the time and capacity to commit, and are an enthusiastic creator who knows how to merge work and play… please send a cover letter (e.g. a few paragraphs about why you’d like to join my team, what skills you bring as well as learning edges you’d like to grow. This could also be a video or audio recording if that form of communication is better for you) and a sample of your work (e.g. some of your writing, videos you’ve made, social media accounts etc.) to me at

Can’t wait to hear from you and grow some ROOTS together!

With love,
Caylin (Forest Schooled) 🌿

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