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Re-story our World: 

Storytelling to Nurture our Relationships to Self, Each Other and the More-Than-Human
I have partnered with Antioch University, New England, to offer Re-story our World for university credit. Earn 1 graduate level credit* while deepening your practice in storytelling in a like-minded community of learners.

*There's an option to forgo the university credit and earn a highly discounted Continuing Education Certificate instead.
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In Person: Saturday & Sunday February 24th & 25th 2024, 9-4:30pm EST (at AUNE campus)
+ additional online session Sunday April 7th, 10am-12pm EST

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Spaces are limited on a first come first serve basis.

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Course Format

This is a blended course which requires approximately 15 hours self-study in addition to attending an in-person class held over two days.

Self Study (15 hours)
+ Essential readings, videos, and podcasts

+ Reflective assignments. Note: completing assignments outdoors with the natural world (where possible) is highly encouraged!

+ You can choose when to complete the self-study materials based on your own personal schedule and availability (e.g. evenings, weekends, all at once, or spread out over a few weeks)

+ Approximately half of self-study time will need to be completed in advance of the two-day in-person part of the course

In-Person Course Participation (8 hours per day for two consecutive days)
The in person portion of the course will take place at/near Antioch University, New England Campus from 9am-4:30pm EST on:

Saturday February 24th, 2024
Sunday February 25th, 2024


Additional Online Session will take place by Zoom from 10am-12pm EST on:
Sunday April 7th, 2024 

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Attendance to both the in person weekend AND the follow up group Zoom call is required so please double check your availability before signing up!


'Re-Story our World'
Everyone can tell a story! This course will explore the use of storytelling in outdoor learning and environmental education for all ages, for both beginner and experienced storytellers. We will look beyond picture books to see how important it is to continue the tradition of oral storytelling to inspire imagination, create community, teach ecology, build relationships, celebrate cultures and belonging, inspire a sense of place, and learn Land stewardship ethics.

We will consider how we can respectfully incorporate storytelling into our sessions, acknowledging that Indigenous pedagogies often include teaching through oral storytelling. As Jan Hare states in Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education (2018), ”Story is important to processes of reconciliation.”

There is an extensive “hidden curriculum” in storytelling which also includes literacy, science, social skill development, and emotional regulation. We will explore how to find stories, how to create and co-create stories with your learners from the inspiration of place, and explore natural materials for storytelling props.

Join this course for an active, collaborative journey designed to show how nature and place-based storytelling can nurture students, educators, and the Land.

Stories hold power. Stories are containers for our values and beliefs, and they can also guide us in changing them.

If you stand in front of a group of kids, or people of any age, and start spewing out facts or ideas about a particular topic (like common trees found in the forest, for example), eyes will probably glaze over. There might be a few people with a particular interest in trees who remain attentive, but it's likely that most will lose interest fairly quickly. But if you stand up in front of that same group of people and tell a story, something different happens...

Good storytellers can transform an entire audience. A noisy and squirmy group of children can transform into a still and silent hush of eager eyes pointed directly at the storyteller as they begins to speak. It feels like magic - like somebody has cast a spell over everyone listening. 

So why does this happen?

Some interesting research from Uri Hasson of Princeton University recorded people's brain activity during storytelling events. The research indicated that "our brains show similar activity when we hear the same story. In one study, five people listen to the same personal story told aloud. Before the recording begins, their brains show rather different activity—then once the story starts, their brain activity becomes synced, or what Hasson calls 'aligned.'" (Ha, 2016).

Sounds phenomenal doesn't it? And certainly gives credence to the notion of stories as a very powerful form of communication.

In this in person course we'll gather together to learn more about the art of storytelling, with opportunities to practice and build our confidence to share stories with others. This is for anyone and everyone who is interested in building their storytelling skills.
This course will be facilitated by Caylin Gans, creator of Forest Schooled

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Attendance to both the in person weekend AND the follow up group Zoom call is required so please double check your availability before signing up!

In Person at AUNE campus:
Saturday, February 24th, 2024 - 9:00am-4:30pm EST
Sunday, February 25th, 2024 - 9:00am-4:30pm EST


Additional online session Sunday April 7th, 10am-12pm EST


Regular price $548
Try-us-out discount (Only first course at AUNE) $333
AUNE Alumni: $274
Audit (no credit): $125

Note: Cost is quoted in US Dollars
Meet Caylin
Caylin has a passion for nature-based, experiential, and holistic approaches to education and has enjoyed working with people of all ages in a variety of outdoor settings, including national parks, nature centers, educational farms, and city parks - so far in 3 different countries (USA, UK, and Canada)! She initially started Forest Schooled as a blog to share what she was learning while working with children outdoors. Now it's become her way to support and deepen learning and professional practice for nature-based educators all over the world through mentorship, workshops, and professional learning communities. Curious about where Caylin feels happiest? Outdoors, and in the rain!

How to Enroll

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What people are saying...  

"I really felt comfortable with this group of people. Caylin is so experienced and does so much research to prepare for any course that she runs. She's always available for support. The special guests were so valuable. I gained so much knowledge from all the resources, including everyone who participated."
Lisa Slater
"What great stories these were... I'm glad I made time to listen to these beautiful and inspiring stories. Every week they give me more strength to take up the role of storyteller myself."
"I found it very helpful and encouraging. Great to be involved and would like to take part in further sessions. Great to link with people from all parts of the world and the UK and learn from each other. Very stimulating/thought provoking, helps to feel part of a wider community"
"All the stories are thought provoking. I'm inspired to dust off some old stories and create new ones. Thank you for these gentle moments of connection. 😊🌿"
"The combination of the virtual meetings and the course syllabus are a nice balanced way to learn and connect with others. I also really enjoyed having many examples of live stories being told by yourself and some of the participants. It was really inspiring and helpful to see storytelling in action and examples of various strategies."
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