2. Reflection Pack

Encouraging Emergent and Learner-led Experiences Outdoors

This reflection pack includes stories that connect with theories and research on the value of play. It provides tangible examples of ways to support outdoor play and asks thought-provoking questions that help us better understand our role as adults in promoting play opportunities for children (and ourselves).
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What's included?

Each Reflection Pack include excerpts from Forest Schooled, The Book with the additions of reflective questions. The intention is to help guide us in considering these topics more deeply, thereby improving the quality of the experiences we can provide for children (and ourselves). 

PDF Download

20 page PDF with 7-8 story excerpts from Forest Schooled, The Book

Guided Reflection

Reflective questions after each story to encourage deeper thought and discussion.

Audio Version

Access to a 30-40 minute audio recording version of the pack so you can listen to it instead of, or in addition to, reading!

Your Thoughts

Space to take notes on what you are learning and write down ideas for how you can apply it in your life/work.

Self Paced

You can work through the packs at your own pace, and in whatever order feels best to you.


A whole lot of love, passion, and playfulness from me in putting these packs together.
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What's included

Get all 3 Reflection Packs

PDF and audio downloads that include excerpts from Forest Schooled, The Book along with reflection questions to help you deepen your understanding and practice.

Our community loves us

After more than twenty years of working with children in a variety of therapeutic settings, I have found Caylin's Forest Schooled e-Learning Packets to be a brilliant tool for engaging adults in the process of story and reflection. Her passion and compassion for creating an optimal learning experience shine through.
Libby Piper
I registered for all three of your e-learning reflections. I completed the first one - it was fabulous! I loved reading the PDF and then later listening to the audio. I couldn’t wait to move to the second reflection.
I've been really enjoying the three reflection packs I downloaded. I love how you explore the tensions that come up in forest school, like structure vs. letting the children be totally in charge, our impact on nature vs. letting kids interact, etc.  It has been so helpful in guiding my own responses to those moments, thank you for the gift of your words!
I liked how through real, fun and every day forest school stories, Caylin addressed important topics that helped me to question and reflect about my own forest school practice.
Pamela Martinez
I felt it was very helpful in reminding me to take time and observe students before rushing in to fix a struggle or disagreement. Your work reiterates the strategies I've learned in other nature trainings such as NatureStart. It was a great reminder and asset!
Liz Hines
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