Planning your Nature-based Business

This is a pre-recorded introduction to developing a business plan for nature-based entrepreneurs that's been taken from a 1.5 hour online interactive workshop. It includes access to some of the resources referenced during the workshop.
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This is a resource for nature-based entrepreneurs!

There is a current momentum to make significant changes to our mainstream structural systems, including our education systems.

As an educator, I’ve personally found it intimidating at first to navigate the business world as these skills are not often included in our training or other professional learning programs. I’ve also found it hard to translate what I wish to create to the language and values of business which often prioritizes money making over community building… I’ve spent the past several years developing my own methods and models to do this work in a business-minded world, whilst holding on to the values and teachings that are rooted in the natural world.

In this introduction to Planning your Nature-based Business, you'll find a video recording and accompanying templates for a framework I’ve created for generating a business plan inspired by the processes and principles of the natural world. It includes "translations" to business terminology and methods so you may use it to communicate with people of all backgrounds, whether they are "all business" or "one with the trees."

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What people are saying...

"I am so grateful for the Business plan template! It has been such a struggle to put into proper context what I wanted from my business. This template was absolutely perfect!! Right down to the revised headings! 🥰. I’ve really enjoyed the process of putting together my business plan."
Renée C.
"It’s been difficult writing and amending a business plan for local authorities to utilise public land. I’m not at all business minded being an ecologist, so the resources really helps convert business planning into an ecological mindset. The model/template business plan really did ease my suffering when writing for a business minded audience. 
The quirky, alternative subheadings made life easier when adapting my own mindset to help write the plan. I have since been successful at a pitch to design, develop adapt and utilise space owned by local authorities for ecological learning experiences."
Workshop Participant
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