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Here's a collection of some of the resources created and shared through the Forest Schooled blog (plus a few extra bits) so that rather than searching through all the posts, you can find and access them all from one place. Hope it comes in handy!


A History of the UK & US Forest School Movement

Over the past several months, I've been researching and writing a literature review that takes a historical perspective on how the Forest School movement emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States (focus is limited to the UK and the US since those are places I've lived... so apologies to those who don't live in those countries!).


The result is a document I've titled A History of the UK & US Forest School Movement, with an emphasis on the "A" - this is because I want to acknowledge that histories are portrayed in different ways depending on who's telling the story. So I'd like to share with you the culmination of my research as one version of the story of the Forest School movement in the UK and US. I found it fascinating to research and write and hope you find it interesting to read!

Download the free PDF below!

A Practical Guide for Forest School Leaders (or anyone really) to facilitating reflection in the outdoors

Reflection is an essential part of the learning process, but can be challenging to facilitate. This guide gives concise and practical advice for facilitating reflection in an outdoor setting that's suitable for learner-led educational approaches like Forest School. It's a good introduction for those who are new to the topic and wonder where to start, but it's also useful for experienced folk who wish to take a fresh look at their practice. Written by a Forest School Leader with a passion for learning along with contributions from a variety of people in the field, this guide is sure to light a fire (possibly even literally) and inspire you to find creative ways to encourage reflection in those you work with. Kindling and fire strikers not included...

Download the free PDF or purchase a printed copy that includes an extra 7 DAY REFLECTION CHALLENGE to make your learning more hands on.

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