Reflection Packs

“The Forest School leader is a reflective practitioner and sees themselves, therefore, as a learner too.”

(Forest School Association, Full Principles and Criteria for Good Practice)

NOTE: First of all, how are you? I hope you are okay wherever you are. If not, please feel free to reach out to me. I'll do what I can. Regarding these e-learning packages, I intended to release these later this year, but in light of recent events around Covid-19 I have sped things up to make them available to you all NOW (when perhaps you may want a distraction or relief from the news AND want resources that support you in getting outdoors for the sake of our children's, and our own, wellbeing). 


About the e-learning packages...


Thank you for your interest in Forest Schooled self-guided e-learning packages! The following reflection packages include excerpts from Forest Schooled, The Book with the additions of reflective questions. The intention is to help guide us in considering these topics more deeply, thereby improving the quality of the experiences we can provide for children (and ourselves). You can work through the packs at your own pace, and in whatever order feels best to you.

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Each pack includes*...

  • 20 page PDF with 7-8 story excerpts from Forest Schooled, The Book (find out what people are saying about the book on my BOOKS page!).

  • Reflective questions after each story to encourage deeper thought and discussion.

  • Space to take notes on what you are learning and write down ideas for how you can apply it in your life/work.

  • Access to a 30-40 minute audio recording version of the pack so you can listen to it instead of, or in addition to, reading!

  • A whole lot of love, passion, and playfulness from me in putting these packs together :)

Want to try things out before purchasing? Check out a SAMPLE Reflection Pack (audio not included).


You can also see what other's think about these Packs in the Testimonials below!

*Currency is in Canadian Dollars ($15 CAD is approximately $10 USD and £9 depending on daily exchange rate).

Payments can be made worldwide through PayPal and are non-refundable.

You will be emailed a link to the PDF after payment has processed. You'll find a link embedded within the PDF that

gives you access to listen to and download the audio file.


“After more than twenty years of working with children in a variety of therapeutic settings, I have found Caylin's Forest Schooled e-Learning Packets to be a brilliant tool for engaging adults in the process of story and reflection. Her passion and compassion for creating an optimal learning experience shine through."

- Libby Piper, Creator of Honeysuckle Hugs